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Why Scotland should vote ‘No’

Image credit: Nicolas Raymond

In this article, James Rogers appraises the influence the Anglo-Scottish Act of Union in 1707 had for the development of modern Western civilisation, in light of Scotland’s referendum today on separation from the rest of the United Kingdom.

The Baltic states: an affirmation of the West

Image credit: Pablo Andrés Rivero

In this article, James Rogers and Luis Simón argue that the Baltic states – as the West’s frontier – must be vigorously supported by the Atlantic Alliance, particularly in the face of Russian aggression and revisionism in Ukraine.

Europe, Iraq and the end of Sykes-Picot

Image credit: Paolo Porsia

In this article, Jolyon Howorth argues that military intervention to stabilise Iraq after the rise of the Islamic Sate of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) carries great risk.

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