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The Alliance on its road from Warsaw to Brussels

Image credit: Tim D. Godbee

The NATO Summit in Warsaw was a watershed moment for the Alliance. Yet, deeds, not words, are what really count. Dominik Jankowski argues that on its road from the Summit in Warsaw to the Summit in Brussels in 2017 NATO should embrace five strategic issues.

The Cassandra Gambit

Image credit: Matt May

In this article, Roderick Parkes asks whether a European Union built on national insecurities and fear contains the seeds of its own destruction.

Ukraine: Europe in turmoil?

Image credit: Sharon Drummond

In this ‘Standpoint’, first in a new series of controversial articles, James Rogers and Luis Simón tackle the issue of Ukraine and European Union relations with Russia, arguing that Brussels must firm up its stance in the Eastern Neighbourhood.

Europe’s two worlds

Image credit: Henrique Bente

In this article, Roderick Parkes argues that Britain and Poland are at loggerheads over two different geopolitical visions of the world, which is directly impacting how they each see the European Union’s global position.

The Central European playground: a rebuttal

Image credit: gabriel

In this article, Xymena Kurowska and Bence Németh respond to Michal Onderco’s argument that Kurowska and Németh, in their recent Long Post – A playground in Central Europe: who plays what? – misread the Central European playground.

A playground in Central Europe: who plays what?

Image credit: gabriel

This post looks at the struggle for influence in Central Europe, which has drawn in observers, insiders, outsiders and caretakers, such as the Atlantic Alliance, the European Union, Poland, Italy and the United States. It looks to the Visegrad Battlegroup and the Central European Roundtable on Defence Cooperation as future and additional anchors for countries at the geographic heart of Europe.

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