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NATO decides to ‘troop the colours’ as symbol of deterrence in the Baltics

Image credit: US European Command

The recent NATO commitment to position troops in the Baltic states follows several years of Russian aggression, with NATO previously reluctant to make such a commitment. The move is seen as a symbolic gesture of support for the region; however, the commitment is not seen as a significant challenge to Russia’s military strength and question marks remain about whether it will act as a significant act of deterrence.

The Baltic states: an affirmation of the West

Image credit: Pablo Andrés Rivero

In this article, James Rogers and Luis Simón argue that the Baltic states – as the West’s frontier – must be vigorously supported by the Atlantic Alliance, particularly in the face of Russian aggression and revisionism in Ukraine.

Yanukovych’s game of chicken: who will lose?

Image credit: Viktor Kovalenko

The Vilnius Summit was supposed to usher in a new era of cooperation between the European Union and Ukraine, leading to greater prosperity and stability in the Eastern Neighbourhood. This Long Post asks: why have Yanukovych’s political needs trumped that prospect?

Interview with Margarita Seselgyte

Image credit: EGS

In this interview, James Rogers discusses the current Lithuanian presidency of the Council of the European Union with Dr. Margarita Seselgyte, Director of Studies at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science, University of Vilnius.

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