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The road to Damascus passes through Moscow

Image credit: Alessandra Kocman

In the light of recent developments and with Assad in a position of strength, and Russia in the driving seat, Joris Couvreur looks ahead attempting to outline the way forward considering the interests of the major actors. Will the ceasefire last and will the peace process gain momentum?

Iraq: Europe’s problem too

Image credit: U.S. Army

In this article, Sven Biscop places the present crisis in Iraq in its regional context and argues that while Iraq was not initially Europe’s war the continent has a stake in resolving it.

Kenneth Waltz and proliferation

Image credit: Eric Constantineau

In this article, Miguel Nunes Silva reappraises the thoughts of Kenneth Waltz on nuclear proliferation and his specific views on the Iranian nuclear debacle.

Interview with Kenneth Waltz

Image credit: Columbia University

In this interview, Luis Simón discusses American power, the rise of China, nuclear weapons in the Middle East and European decline with Prof. Kenneth Waltz of Columbia University in New York City.

Iran: ‘freeze but recognise’

Image credit: Pixabay

In this article, Daniel Keohane and Walter Posch look at the EU-led nuclear negotiations with Iran and the prospects of convincing Tehran to resolve suspicions about the peaceful aims of its nuclear programme.

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