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The CSDP from a German vantage point

German Flag

In this article for the “National Perspectives and CSDP” special focus series, Falk Tettweiler looks at German perceptions towards the CSDP and the country’s role in the future development of the policy.

Framework nations: a response

German Eurocopter

In this article, Vivien Pertusot provides a response to Alexander Mattelaer’s earlier post on the German-proposed ‘framework nation concept’.

A way out of the Ukraine crisis: Munich or Algeciras?

Munich Agreement

In this article, Sven Biscop counsels against those who compare the recent Russian annexation of Crimea with Germany’s annexation of Czechoslovakia; rather, he argues that the situation could be more akin to the Algeciras agreement in 1906.

The Cassandra Gambit

European Flags

In this article, Roderick Parkes asks whether a European Union built on national insecurities and fear contains the seeds of its own destruction.