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Can European strategy cope?

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Faced with a plethora of crises and foreign policy challenges, Sven Biscop asks whether Europeans are up to the challenge of acting strategically.

Helmut Schmidt, 1918-2015

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This Long Post looks at the life, times and leadership of one of Germany’s and Europe’s most important politicians. Helmut Schmidt (1918-2015) was Chancellor of West Germany from 1974 to 1982.

Is France taking a strategic holiday?

Beach in France

In this article, Daniel Fiott looks at the likely effects of a ‘Brexit’ for French strategy and he argues that France must wake up now if it is to have any meaningful influence on the British EU referendum debate.

European geopolitical dilemmas

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In this article, Stephen Blank argues that Europe confronts an enormous multi-dimensional challenge and must find the cognitive as well as material and political resources to emerge from its long-term crisis.

Half a grand strategy is not enough

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In this second of two articles on strategy, Sven Biscop points out that the EU is caught between member states that do not have a strategy and those that do but who do not have the means to implement one.

…wherefore art thou CSDP?

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In this concluding article in ‘The CSDP: National Perspectives’ series, Daniel Fiott shares some thoughts on the collection of articles and the future of the CSDP.

Thou shalt not arm those who cannot win

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In this article, Sven Biscop argues that Ukraine should not be armed by Western powers for fear of escalating the crisis. He makes a plea for a diplomatic resolution to the conflict.