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The Baltic states: an affirmation of the West

Image credit: Pablo Andrés Rivero

In this article, James Rogers and Luis Simón argue that the Baltic states – as the West’s frontier – must be vigorously supported by the Atlantic Alliance, particularly in the face of Russian aggression and revisionism in Ukraine.

Interview with Zack Cooper

Image credit: CSIS

In this interview, Luis Simón discusses the United States’ responses to Indo-Pacific geopolitical changes; the changing American global military presence; and European interests in the Indian Ocean region with Zack Cooper of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

Interview with Iskander Rehman

Image credit: Carnegie Endowment

In this interview, James Rogers discusses Indo-Pacific geopolitics and Australia’s geostrategic location with Iskander Rehman, a Research Fellow at the Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

Ukraine: Europe in turmoil?

Image credit: Sharon Drummond

In this ‘Standpoint’, first in a new series of controversial articles, James Rogers and Luis Simón tackle the issue of Ukraine and European Union relations with Russia, arguing that Brussels must firm up its stance in the Eastern Neighbourhood.

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