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European geopolitical dilemmas

Image credit: Thomas Dämmrich

In this article, Stephen Blank argues that Europe confronts an enormous multi-dimensional challenge and must find the cognitive as well as material and political resources to emerge from its long-term crisis.

CSDP: there is something there that was not there before

Image credit: EUNAVFOR

In the third concluding article in our “The CSDP: National Perspectives” series, Jo Coelmont argues that while ‘CSDP fatigue’ is in fashion a number of significant developments make the Policy as relevant today as it has ever been.

Get rid of reassurance

Image credit: Matt May

In this article, Sven Biscop makes a strong plea for Europeans to get rid of the mind-set of dependence and reassurance and to take charge of stabilising its own neighbourhood.

Strategy: waging political warfare

Image credit: John D.

James Rogers and Luis Simón focus on the primacy of (geo)politics and argue that Europeans would do well to rediscover the art of the political.

Why Scotland should vote ‘No’

Image credit: Nicolas Raymond

In this article, James Rogers appraises the influence the Anglo-Scottish Act of Union in 1707 had for the development of modern Western civilisation, in light of Scotland’s referendum today on separation from the rest of the United Kingdom.

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