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Brexit: Europe at a strategic crossroads?

British Isles

In this ‘Standpoint’, James Rogers and Luis Simón analyse the potential consequences of the United Kingdom’s referendum to leave the European Union, arguing that the consequences might not be so dramatic as often alleged, particularly if carefully-considered political and strategic thinking is adopted in London and Brussels.

Can European strategy cope?

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Faced with a plethora of crises and foreign policy challenges, Sven Biscop asks whether Europeans are up to the challenge of acting strategically.

Is France taking a strategic holiday?

Beach in France

In this article, Daniel Fiott looks at the likely effects of a ‘Brexit’ for French strategy and he argues that France must wake up now if it is to have any meaningful influence on the British EU referendum debate.

Half a grand strategy is not enough

Image credit: Will Scullin

In this second of two articles on strategy, Sven Biscop points out that the EU is caught between member states that do not have a strategy and those that do but who do not have the means to implement one.

…wherefore art thou CSDP?

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In this concluding article in ‘The CSDP: National Perspectives’ series, Daniel Fiott shares some thoughts on the collection of articles and the future of the CSDP.

Thou shalt not arm those who cannot win

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In this article, Sven Biscop argues that Ukraine should not be armed by Western powers for fear of escalating the crisis. He makes a plea for a diplomatic resolution to the conflict.

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