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The paradox of EU defence policy

Image credit: Samuel Rönnqvist

In this third Long Post in a five-part series on defence and the EU Global Strategy, Daniel Keohane argues that now is as good a time as any for deeper European military cooperation.

Europe’s Richelieu moment? EU border security and the CSDP

Image credit: John D.

The ongoing migration crisis asks some interesting questions of the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy, especially in light of the proposal for a ‘European Border and Coast Guard’. Is the Policy set to become a ‘glorified border force’ or will it play a role in EU ‘state-building’? Daniel Fiott takes a look at some of the issues.

Out of the blue: a white book

Image credit: tristam sparks

The idea for a European ‘white book’ on defence is again gaining traction, but Sven Biscop argues that it must become an integral part of the work on an European Global Strategy if it is to meet its full potential.

EU mutual assistance is more than defence

Image credit: Nicolas Nova

Following President Hollande’s invocation of the EU’s mutual assistance clause, Sven Biscop argues that to prove that the EU is more than a market Article 42.7 must be translated into strategy, planning and institutions.

Interview with Jorge Domecq

Image credit: European Defence Agency

In this interview, Daniel Fiott talks with Jorge Domecq, Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency, about European defence cooperation, CSDP-related research, innovative sources of finance for defence and the United States’ Defense Innovation Initiative.

The common security and defence policy: national perspectives

Image credit: EUNAVFOR Atalanta

For five months European Geostrategy published a number of excellent essays on the European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy, all from a national perspective. We are now pleased to report that all of these essays have been collated into a single booklet.

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