European Geostrategy accepts non-solicited submissions on all aspects of European geopolitics, security and military affairs. The key denominating factor in all of our articles is a European perspective.

All submissions must be sent to the Senior Editors at info [at] We publish articles on a rolling-basis. Please note that all articles are peer-reviewed by the Editors and we aim to take a decision on submitted articles within two weeks from the date of submission.

Articles are generally between 600-1,000 words and only in rare cases do we publish pieces longer than this. The articles should be original and not submitted elsewhere – we do not publish duplicate pieces on European Geostrategy. Any graphics or figures should be sent to the Editors separately and not embedded in the written text.

Before submitting an article or commentary piece please follow our style guidelines. We do not accept article submissions that do not rigorously follow the style guidelines. Please submit all draft articles in Word doc. format and using Times New Roman (font 12). Your submission should include a short (two-line) abstract of the article and a short (five-line) biography.

For any further information please contact the Editors at info [at]