Long Posts Archive

Russia’s information wars in Syria and Ukraine

Image credit: European Geostrategy

The decentralised and democratic nature of the Western alliance has provided Russia with an opportunity to claim the informational advantage with regard to its information wars in Crimea and Syria, highlighting the urgency with which institutional transformations must be embraced.

The paradox of EU defence policy

Image credit: Samuel Rönnqvist

In this third Long Post in a five-part series on defence and the EU Global Strategy, Daniel Keohane argues that now is as good a time as any for deeper European military cooperation.

Can the British pro-European cause be salvaged?

Image credit: Nicolas Raymond

In this Long Post, James Rogers asks whether pro-Europeans in the United Kingdom are able to review and update their narrative, enabling them to effectively challenge the Eurosceptics’ hegemony.

Brexit and defence: where is the strategy?

Image credit: Charles Clegg

In this Long Post, Sven Biscop argues that should the UK decide to leave the EU its leverage on the strategic decisions that shape the framework within which its military deployment takes place would be negligible.

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