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Interview with Lauri Lepik

Image credit: NATO

In this interview, Stefano Matonte talks with Lauri Lepik, Estonian Permanent Representative to NATO, about Estonian security, NATO, cyber defence, the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, Ukraine and Russia.

Interview with Takehiro Kano

Image credit: MOFA

In this interview, Luis Simón discusses Japan’s growing relations with Europeans – especially France and the United Kingdom – with Takehiro Kano from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Interview with Zack Cooper

Image credit: CSIS

In this interview, Luis Simón discusses the United States’ responses to Indo-Pacific geopolitical changes; the changing American global military presence; and European interests in the Indian Ocean region with Zack Cooper of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

Interview with Iskander Rehman

Image credit: Carnegie Endowment

In this interview, James Rogers discusses Indo-Pacific geopolitics and Australia’s geostrategic location with Iskander Rehman, a Research Fellow at the Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

Interview with Toshi Yoshihara

Image credit: U.S. Naval War College

In this interview, James Rogers discusses naval competition in the Indo-Pacific with Prof. Toshi Yoshihara of the United States Naval War College.

Interview with Daniel Hamilton

Image credit: CTR/SAIS

In this interview, Luis Simón talks with Daniel Hamilton, Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Professor Director, Center for Transatlantic Relations Executive Director, American Consortium on European Union Studies.

Interview with General Jean-Paul Perruche

Image credit: EuroDéfense

In this interview, Alexander Mattelaer and Daniel Fiott talk with General Jean-Paul Perruche, President of EuroDéfense-France, Associate Researcher at the French Ministry of Defence’s Institute for Strategic Studies of the Military College and former Director General of the EU Military Staff (2004-2007).