Vivien Pertusot

Vivien Pertusot

Mr. Vivien Pertusot is an Associate Editor of European Geostrategy. He is also the Director of the French Institute for International Relations’ office in Brussels. He writes here in a personal capacity.

European defence: minilateralism is not the enemy

Image credit: Mario Sainz Martinez

In the first concluding article in our “The CSDP: National Perspectives” series, Vivien Pertusot argues that arguments about whether NATO or the EU should lead on defence are useless. What is needed is to ensure that European countries remain militarily capable in the years ahead.

Framework nations: a response

Image credit: Markus Grossalber

In this article, Vivien Pertusot provides a response to Alexander Mattelaer’s earlier post on the German-proposed ‘framework nation concept’.