Sven Biscop

Sven Biscop

Prof. Sven Biscop is a Senior Editor of European Geostrategy. He is also Director of the ‘Europe in the World Programme’ at Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels. He writes here in a personal capacity.

Bad theatre

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In this article Sven Biscop argues that it is futile to put troops on the streets of European capitals when the real battle against ISIS needs to be fought at source.

Thou shalt not arm those who cannot win

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In this article, Sven Biscop argues that Ukraine should not be armed by Western powers for fear of escalating the crisis. He makes a plea for a diplomatic resolution to the conflict.

Get rid of reassurance

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In this article, Sven Biscop makes a strong plea for Europeans to get rid of the mind-set of dependence and reassurance and to take charge of stabilising its own neighbourhood.

2014: a centenary and a discovery

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In this article, Sven Biscop takes a look at European strategy over 2014 and asks how Europe is facing, engaging and thinking about war.

Am I an academic?

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Sven Biscop discusses the nature of being an academic and a think-tanker whilst also offering advice on thinking and writing about political science and policy.