Stephen Blank

Stephen Blank

Dr. Stephen Blank is a Senior Fellow for Russia at the American Foreign Policy Council. Prior to this he was a Professor at the United States Army War College. He writes here in a personal capacity only.

Russia’s information wars in Syria and Ukraine

Image credit: European Geostrategy

The decentralised and democratic nature of the Western alliance has provided Russia with an opportunity to claim the informational advantage with regard to its information wars in Crimea and Syria, highlighting the urgency with which institutional transformations must be embraced.

European geopolitical dilemmas

Image credit: Thomas Dämmrich

In this article, Stephen Blank argues that Europe confronts an enormous multi-dimensional challenge and must find the cognitive as well as material and political resources to emerge from its long-term crisis.

Ukraine: why Europe must act now

Image credit: Sasha Maksymenko

Stephen Blank urges the European Union to take serious action over the situation in Ukraine through a mixture of sanctions and a genuine invitation for EU membership.

Russia-China relations in perspective

Image credit: Viewminder

Stephen Blank looks at Russia-China geostrategic relations and argues that these relations have more than an academic or passing interest for European security.