Luis Simón

Luis Simón

Prof. Luis Simón is co-founder and a Senior Editor of European Geostrategy. He is also a Research Professor at the Institute for European Studies at the Free University of Brussels. He writes here in a personal capacity.

Brexit: Europe at a strategic crossroads?

British Isles

In this ‘Standpoint’, James Rogers and Luis Simón analyse the potential consequences of the United Kingdom’s referendum to leave the European Union, arguing that the consequences might not be so dramatic as often alleged, particularly if carefully-considered political and strategic thinking is adopted in London and Brussels.

How Japan matters to Europe

Image credit: President of the European Council

In this article, Luis Simón looks at the growing strategic importance of Europe-Japan relations in the context of the US rebalance to Asia.

From maritime security to European seapower

© Steven Depolo

In this article, Luis Simón argues that Europeans should move from a ‘maritime security’ to a ‘seapower’ mind frame if they are to achieve unhindered access to the global sea and oceans.

Strategy: waging political warfare

Image credit: John D.

James Rogers and Luis Simón focus on the primacy of (geo)politics and argue that Europeans would do well to rediscover the art of the political.

The Baltic states: an affirmation of the West

Image credit: Pablo Andrés Rivero

In this article, James Rogers and Luis Simón argue that the Baltic states – as the West’s frontier – must be vigorously supported by the Atlantic Alliance, particularly in the face of Russian aggression and revisionism in Ukraine.